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My husband and I own a cool, interesting and FUN  shop - The Vintage Lady - in historic Harpers Ferry, WV.   We feature the amazing  work of West Virginia artisans along with many other items primarily Made in America.  Included among the  work is my photography. 

When I was 10, I took "photography" as a project in 4-H.  Using my mom's Brownie camera, I captured all my friends posing in front of the bird bath in our yard.  The photos were amazing and actually I'm shocked  these works of art weren't published, haha.   I was awarded a blue ribbon, or maybe it was a red ribbon, quite possibly a white ribbon.  But, I digress. 

Fast forward to me as an adult....an OLD adult.  I found myself becoming very interested in photography - with the simple idea "I'd like to capture that moment - the JOY in that moment."  The world of photography drew me in.  

My husband, Billy Ray, is the most supportive husband in the world -  really!  He supports whatever creative endeavor that I decide I want to pursue - and there have been a lot of them in our almost 33 years of marriage.  For this one, he actually bought me by first "big girl camera."  

With his urging - no his insistence - I have developed this web site.  We sell a lot of my photos in the shop and having a web site seemed like the next step - at least that is what "google" tells me.  

So here you go.  You can browse, purchase (yes!) and hopefully find joy!   

Now some details:  the merchandise such as mugs and stickers are printed by EZ Prints.  All other items are printed by Bay Photo, a professional lab since 1976 and known for its excellent color reproduction and quality work.  

All purchases are shipped directly to you from the lab and are fully covered by SmugMug's  100% print guarantee. 

I take a lot of photos - almost daily - and when one touches my heart I'll upload it to this site - so check back  often!

Thanks for stopping by - and I hope I've been successful in "capturing the joy of the moment" in each photo!


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